This is a gamedev challenge where the goal was to create a playable game in 12 hours live on Twitch @SuperMegaDav! Feel free to follow to see more of this :) <3

Theme: Murder Mystery, Platformer in 1-bit design!

The goal of the game is to shoot the ghost to stun them and then collect them before they respawn. The game loops infinitely with 10 unique levels (due to the time restriction!!). It is reminiscent of Bubble Bobble on the NES/Arcade.

I fixed a game breaking bug where you restart with no lives after a game over and I added controller support and UI navigation with the buttons (no need to press with the mouse now!

Move with <A> or <D>
Shoot with <K>
Jump with <L>


Song by ZerolagGaming

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AuthorVidvad Games
Tags1-bit, Arcade, challenge, Game Jam, Singleplayer


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Juicy ! Was fun, jumping with L was a bit awkward tho.