Post-Gamejam Update 1

Hello gamers!
At the end of the game jam, I made a list of things I'd like to do to make this the "definitive jam edition". I wanted to keep the same story, the same gameplay but add the features I didn't have time to do during the 7-day period. So here's the list:

  • Gamepad is now functional by default, you don't need to enable it from the settings anymore.
  • New powerups and mechanics
    • A dash move (L2). You can dash through enemies and projectile without taking damage. There's a cool down at the end of the dash period.
    • A spread shot. When the special meter is filled, your NO! weapon turns into a spread shot. Take a hit and you lose it!
    • A spin shield. A powerup that drops on the floor. For 6 seconds, it spins around you and protect you.
    • The basic shot has a little bit of randomness to it now, it doesn't go in a straight line anymore.
    • If you get hit, you lose all your special.
  • Added a red border around the screen when you get hit to increase the impact
  • Speaking of impact, there's a new setting in the menu to reduce, increase or remove the screen shake.
  • I adjusted the speed of some enemies and bosses.
    • Out of the 4 different enemy, 2 of them goes 20% faster.
    • The Power of Love boss and the hearts are moving slower.
    • The Segway manager moves faster during the bubble phase.
  • You don't hit the flyers anymore during the TEAM LEAD boss. Your projectiles are going through, so it's less frustrating.
  • Improve the title screen (added a background and reworked where the options are placed)
  • Added a credit page from the menu to credit all the awesome people who helped this game be what it is.

On top of that, I am officially starting a commercial version of this thanks to all the amazing feedbacks I received. Spread the word, follow this page, get on my discord, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

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Happy gaming,
SuperMegaDav from Vidvad Games

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Jan 28, 2022

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